Our collective vision is to offer all consumers new sensory food experiences and become the world leader of food solutions combining great tasting convenience and nutrition. We want to contribute to the production of food that is good in every sense of the word: delicious, healthy and environmentally friendly. At Solina, we are committed to running a sustainable business that makes a meaningful contribution to society. Corporate Social Responsibility is fundamental to our value system and as such, we place workplace wellbeing & safety, business ethics, and environmental, economic & social sustainability at the heart of our decision-making. This is why we develop sustainable projects which mean more to us.


People with a  sense of Social Responsibility

Solina is a vibrant community of professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures, brought together by a shared passion for the creation and consumption of good food.

Individual and collective commitments have already been set into motion through our Solina Human Rights Policy and Health & Safety Policy and through a diverse range of initiatives. Local Initiatives are combined with strategic commitments such as transitioning from natural gas to Biogas in Sweden; working towards a circular model of waste management in Holland; obtaining ISO certification at several sites; organising fun runs to raise money for charity, and much more.

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A responsible sourcing policy

Solina aims for excellence in the way we buy and transport raw materials from around the world, in how they are produced, and in how we transform them into bespoke solutions for our clients in the food industry, food service, butchery and nutrition. For example, not all peppers are the same, but our aim is not just to source the best-tasting pepper; we want our raw materials to be as sustainable as possible.

To achieve this we have developed a procurement strategy which rests on 3 pillars:

  • Expertise in raw materials co-developed with suppliers
  • A robust and fully sustainable sourcing chain
  • Stable relationships with selected partners and producers
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Food Solutions

Tasty, Healthy & Environmentally friendly

Solina’s main commitment is to good food, which means of course that it tastes good but also that it’s good for your health and for the environment. We help our clients create a better food experience for consumers everywhere. Whenever we develop products with lower fat, salt or preservative content or that are organically grown and processed, we have a positive impact on consumer health. But we never lose sight of the fact that the food products we develop need to be delicious to enhance the consumer’s sensory experience.

Our NEXTERA programme around protein-rich foods derived from non-livestock is a great example of this balance: on the one hand, it’s a nutritional solution that responds to the booming market for alternatives to meat protein and vegetarian products; on the other, Solina is committed to finding functional and sensory solutions that allow these products to feel, look and taste great.


We are proud of the ethical, sustainable way
we source the raw materials. We work towards sourcing raw materials
that are good for the planet and help us create high-quality products that taste great.

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