Food Safety and Quality: Solina’s commitments

At Solina, we draw on our expertise and passion to create food solutions that offer consumers unique sensory food experiences.  We all know that food can’t be truly enjoyed without the guarantee that it is safe and healthy to eat. Food safety and quality are a top priority at Solina.

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Walking the Talk on Food Safety

Food safety means transparency and traceability, from field to fork. But food safety can’t consist only in making statements about eliminating risks. We also prove to our clients that we have taken steps to do so.

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Transparency and traceability

Solina is committed to accounting for all aspects of the supply chain, including the batch, supplier, and country of origin, for every ingredient used in the products made in our facilities. We can also provide the traceability of machines used to produce a given batch at a given time, and who operated them. The company has always worked hard to stay abreast of food safety requirements and continues to improve and strengthen its food safety management systems and manufacturing processes. We can safely say that we meet the standard of the most demanding customers in Europe.

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Getting everyone involved on food safety

"We must be able to prove every statement we make about food safety,” says Solina Operation Director Sylvain Leopold. Hence,
Solina runs specific projects to
continuously improve and strengthen manufacturing processes to ensure we will not only meet the highest food safety standards but also future requirements.

Our community is central in the achievement of such projects, starting with generating awareness among all employees about food safety concerns and developing expertise to identify risks. Our Sourcing, R&D, Quality, Supply Chain and Production teams work closely together to implement best practices in terms of risk management, for example:

  • When possible, eliminating raw material containing food allergens or allergen-contaminated raw material
  • Organising production flows to minimise the risk of cross-contamination within our production centres
  • Ensuring common language transfer through specific training programs
  • From sales and R&D to sourcing and production, food safety is a shared concern at Solina.

Staying a step ahead of food safety certifications

At Solina we strive to stay one step ahead of food trends and conduct permanent regulatory watch, with the permanent objective of serving our clients. Respecting existing legislation is a given. But Solina is also constantly driving innovations to create customised, concept-based solutions that anticipate the regulations of tomorrow. This requires a proactive approach. Quality assurance, regulatory watch and advice are key in our partnership with our clients: as well as providing ingredient solutions and recipes, we assist our clients from the food industry, butchers, chefs or cooks in the food service sector, share regulatory information and provide support and technical assistance.

Solina has obtained more than 20 certifications: some from official bodies like BRC, ISO 22.000, and IFS, but others that are client-specific as well. To answer our clients’ specific demands, some sites are equipped with international certifications – including organic, halal, and kosher – that allow for tailoring of production lines to the specific needs of the companies we serve. Our environmental certifications allow Solina to reduce our footprint by working on solutions like optimised packaging to reduce both our own waste stream and that of our clients.


We are proud of the ethical, sustainable way
we source the raw materials. We work towards sourcing raw materials
that are good for the planet and help us create high-quality products that taste great.

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Solina’s approach to operations highlights how operations
sustains the customer-centric approach and its quality
and safety guarantee. To do this, we have built
our production centres where our clients operate.

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