Solina’s newest collaborative R&D project

Solina help the food industry, butchers and caterers make the most of technology and to propel the development of alternative protein sources and new meat-based applications to create tasty food solutions. Working alongside its partners, Solina draws on its expertise to provide innovative solutions in the areas of plant-based foods and nutrition, and to create new services for butchers.

What is MEATYL@B?

MEATyL@b is an FUI-funded collaborative Research and Development project which is being spearheaded by Solina with the backing of a consortium of stakeholders. The project focuses on the development of plant-based protein sources to create ‘intelligent food’ from functional vegetable proteins like sunflower meal. It also covers the development of digital tools to help with product formulation, and the development of new meat products. The consortium consists of ACSystème, Avril, Hénaff, Novelios, Solina, INRA (UR BIA, UMR IATE, I2M ) and Adria.


MeatyL@b fosters food innovation

With a view towards combining food innovation and digital technology, a dedicated multi-disciplinary team of over 30 professionals work on creating turnkey solutions. They collect information from various sources to create tools to improve products and efficiency within the food industry. The project is set to run for 3 years on the development of three main tools/services :

  • BCT Online (2018)
  • Nutriscore (2019) - an app for food industry professionals providing nutritional score based on the ingredients and processing of food
  • E-learning (2020) - A platform (digital book) to help professionals to pass on their knowledge to young butchers

Where are we so far?

New projects ready to launch

  • BCTOnline is now ready to be tested. A group of 500 butchers has been selected to carry out the testing.
  • Nutriscore is well underway. Most of the data sources have been approved and the tools to be used to gather the data are being developed. The formula for the development of Nutriscore has been finalised and will be tested for approval by the French government in a few months.
  • The E-learning project (the knowledge book) has been conceptualised by INRA. Novelios has used INRA’s expertise to develop version 0 - it will allow users to add content to the ‘knowledge book’ using drag and drop. The next step is to test the tool and integrate Solina’s extensive knowledge.

BCTOnline: a web application to help French butchers

This app includes tools such as file storage, marketing advice and industry news to keep them up-to-date. It also provides tools to help improve quality including a hygiene handbook, unlimited cloud storage for files like label photos, temperature readings, regulation sheets which can be easily retrieved in case of quality controls. BCTOnline offers a recipe tool which butchers can use to create their own recipes and download automatic nutritional information. A knowledge book is created for each product, process or raw material recipe information.

The beta version of BCTOnline is currently ready to be launched for testing by a sample group of 500 butchers. 10 professionals from the R&D and the digital sectors are working together to deliver the complete solution in 2020.

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