Local production centres

We have built our production centres where our clients operate. Each meets international certification standards and is able to respond effectively and quickly to the specific needs of our clients. This ability is a direct outcome of our production ethos and a concrete illustration of our ‘glocal’ mindset.


Operation logistics

Right product, right place, right time

We want to be sales-driven and close to our clients in both the logistical and human sense. We currently have 17 production centres operating in 10 countries. Russia is a growing market for Solina, and our 18th centre will be operational there by 2020. We also have logistics centres split in Europe (mainly France, Belgium & Romania).

As Operation Director Sylvain Leopold puts it, local production helps us deliver the right product, in the right place, at the right price and on time.” Every production sites meet the specific needs of local clients. For example, production at Solina’s newest centre in Izmir, Turkey is 100% halal. We stock over 16,000 different SKUs across production centres, which means we can respond to whatever order a client comes to us with. With this proximity, so we typically count a few days between receiving an order and delivery.


Certifications and wellbeing at Work

Our ability to deliver customised ingredient solutions in very short periods of time relies on the strong ties to other Solina departments, including the supply chain, quality assurance, and especially R&D. With an on-site R&D team specifically trained in production and supply chain processes, we can respond efficiently to highly specific client orders and trace every Solina product all the way through its development to the market.

All Solina production centres meet international quality certification and food safety standards, which we are committed to keeping current. Most of our production centres offer specific production lines for targeted certifications that include organic, halal, and kosher. We have more than 20 certifications, including most recently BRC7 Grade AA in Denmark, and Grades A and A+ in the UK and Estonia, respectively.

In line with regulations, good professional practices and our CSR approach, we strengthen our action towards Health and Safety at work. Our goal is to provide a safe and healthy working environment free from the risks of workplace injury and illness. This can only be achieved through the active participation, cooperation and commitment of everyone in the workplace. Although we do already have many initiatives in our factories, we want to go the extra mile because Health and Safety is at the heart of Solina’s commitments.

Food Safety and Quality

As far as quality is concerned, Solina’s aim is to
meet and go beyond food safety regulations.
Food safety and quality are a top priority at Solina.
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We are proud of the ethical, sustainable way
we source the raw materials. We work towards sourcing raw materials
that are good for the planet and help us create high-quality products that taste great.

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