A strong heritage of working with butchers

Solina was built on a strong heritage of butchers, bringing together many historical businesses which have been serving the meat sector for decades. As MEAT SPECIALISTS, Solina provides more than just partnership: we are butchers. We know how to cut, mince and season meat, as well as how to dry cure it, preserve it, etc.


PARTNERING with Solina means choosing a partner with a history of supplying butchers. It means choosing a BUTCHER-TO-BUTCHER approach based on strong collaboration and trust. It means choosing a partner with enough experience to anticipate their client’s needs and provide turnkey solutions that SUPPORT them in the running of their business – right up to lending a hand in their daily life, for example unloading deliveries and storing goods.

Whether they are artisan butchers or in-store butchers, Solina is the ANSWER.

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Solina : more than a PARTNER for butchers

Once a need is identified, we tap into our network to find bespoke solutions that in turn create value for clients and help them in their daily work. From product ranges to quick delivery, from recipes to labelling assistance, we provide a full set of services to solve our customer’s problems and help them grow.

We work with local organisations and historical brands such as Jaeger in France, Rejo Spices in Belgium, Degens in the Netherlands and Oschätzchen in Denmark and Norway to provide products adapted to local tastes and preferences.



Our expertise and the extent of the invaluable
support we offer to butchers

Based on their requirements, Solina develops complete and adapted ranges of PRODUCTS and SOLUTIONS to support butchers with their daily challenges. Our expertise is based on 3 main areas and it is our unique combination of Functional and Visual and Taste know-how that helps us to develop these food solutions. We offer branded product ranges (JAEGER, DEGENS, SOLINA - OSCHÄZCHEN, REJO SPICES) to cater for local tastes and preferences. These historical brands are trusted by local butchers, who have every confidence in us to provide both innovation and high-quality products and rely on us daily to guide them, help them with their shops and answer any questions they may have.

Our products are supplied with recipes which are developed based on trend-led product concepts that suit consumer expectations. They are designed to be easy to prepare with minimal effort.

Our ingredient solutions include: marinades, seasonings, herbs and spices, functional blends, coatings, purées, ready-to-use sauces, sauce powders, soups, crumb mixes.

These allow butchers to prepare various products such as: charcuterie, pâtés, sausages, marinated meat, cooked meat, minced meat, burgers, salami, ready meals, soups, stews, pizzas, salads, quiches