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Solina’s aim is to draw on our unrivalled expertise and passion to create innovative food solutions that deliver unique sensory food experiences.  We want to contribute to the production of food that is good: delicious, healthy and environmentally friendly.

This mission requires the collective work of a whole community –  Each solution is a unique combination of our functional, taste and visual, and nutritional expertise. Our role is to offer tailored services, expert advice and cutting-edge capabilities to all our clients and maintain a high quality standard up and down the supply chain.

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Bespoke food solutions

Solina designs and offers customised ingredient solutions that enable our clients operating in the savoury food industry, food service and butchery markets. Whether for meat products, vegetarian foods, prepared meals, sauces, snacks or specific nutritional products, our solutions always rest upon three main axes:

  • Our functional expertise means leveraging the latest food technologies to address client needs.
  • Our expertise in taste and visual aspects means our food products look and taste great.
  • Our know-how in nutritional solutions means that we are always aiming to increase the health value of our products.​​​​​​​
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Partners - we bring value to our clients

We help our clients deal with the complexities of a changing food world. Legislation, health sciences, processes and consumers’ needs and tastes are in constant, high-speed evolution.  Solina’s tailor-made solutions, as well as the advice and expertise we provide, empower our clients to face up to challenges and obstacles in areas ranging from traceability, food safety regulations and formulation to industrialisation, marketing and labelling.

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Food innovations: global reach & local expertise

We develop knowledge and know-how in the latest science and global food trends but also in the singular regional flavours and culture of the countries where our clients operate. Our organisation relies on two main complementary areas of impetus:

  • Our global reach includes partnerships with universities and government bodies as well as laboratories and research centres.
  • Oour production sites and R&D departments in more than 17 different countries allow us to reap the many benefits of client proximity and local taste specificities.

Our connected community is the pivotal piece of our organisation. Passionate about food, our teams develop complete and bespoke ingredient solutions encompassing creative product concepts and related services for our clients. Our food experts come from a diverse range of backgrounds to ensure we can meet any challenge clients come to us.

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Future food: tasty, healthy and environmentally friendly

Solina is committed to creating good food that tastes good but also that it’s good for your health and for the environment. We help our clients create a better food experience for consumers everywhere. Whenever we develop products with lower fat, salt or preservative content or that are organically grown and processed, we have a positive impact on consumer health. But we never lose sight of the fact that the food products we develop need to be delicious to enhance the consumer’s sensory experience

Our Future Food programme around protein-rich foods derived from non-livestock is a great example of this balance. This programme is an essential part of our commitment to future foods. We want to stay ahead of food trends and leverage our diverse expertise to help our clients continue to make food that tastes good and is a pleasure to eat in a world of changing market and regulatory demands.

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A client centric approach

Our customised concept-based savoury food solutions are a direct result of our client-centric culture. With a strong entrepreneurial and customer-focused heritage, our goal is to provide customised service and generate value for our clients with functional, taste and visual, and nutritional solutions.


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CO-WORKING with our clients

  • Training British caterer CH&Co

    Solina UK invests in training young chefs and providing them with the best products through their brand Essential Cuisine. Solina has partnered with CH&Co to develop a 12 month training academy to help new chefs develop ...

  • Creating new concepts

    Solina has developed the turnkey food concept Chick’n Tin. The concept illustrates how Solina works with long-standing clients to keep them at the forefront of the food industry. Chick’n Tin, a new concept, ...

  • Helping Meny Butchers (DK)

    More convenience at the deli counter for Meny.  Solina Denmark partners with retail chain Meny to develop exciting convenience food solutions and boost the appeal of their meat and deli products to bring a fresh and appealing ...

  • Helping Cris-Tim (RO)

    Cris-Tim has become a market pioneer with new Clean Label solutions. Cris-Tim called on Solina to help them develop clean label healthy meat products. The changes they made transformed not just their products, but ...