R&D: an ambition deeply rooted in Solina’s DNA

The added value of Solina’s customised concept-based solutions relies on our glocal approach to R&D. We are committed to keeping up with both the evolution of local tastes and the latest developments in global food innovation. And this commitment starts with our decentralised approach to R&D.


10 %
Solina employees in R&D
R&D Centres accross Europe
Opportunities treated per year

The value of decentralised R&D

Consumer food preferences vary by country, region, and even neighbourhood. Solina has opted to decentralise R&D processes with local teams in each country working closely with technical support and sales to create bespoke product solutions that reflect the taste specificities required by the client. Our clients themselves are key collaborators in the process, providing invaluable input into the development of the solution.

We enable our clients to grow

With backgrounds as professional chefs, cooks, food flavourists, food technologists, engineers and more, our multidisciplinary R&D teams have extensive knowledge of our clients’ technical environments and production processes. Passionate about food itself, they have deep knowledge of the ingredients and culinary techniques used,


Local Expertise, Global Reach

Backed by an international company, the global dimension of our glocal mindset is reflected in two corporate working groups that bring world-class resources:

  • The sourcing team seeks out the best raw materials from around the world for locally conceived products. Composed of R&D, procurement and quality specialists, this team opens the door to co-innovation. It also ensures transparency in the supply chain.
  • The long-term research group keeps all locations up to date on the latest global food trends and gives access to cutting-edge scientific and technological capabilities.

Local R&D teams can focus on product development. They know everything from culturally specific taste preferences, to crucially important market regulatory conditions. Our R&D teams and clients can test out development projects in real industrial conditions thanks to our pilot plants and 450 sqm excellence centre.

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Global & local projects for the replacement of animal proteins



MEATyL@b is a consortium project that draws on recent technological advances and food innovations to create “smart” products that blend the nutritional benefits of plant-based proteins and the taste of meat products. To optimise this project, Solina is combining ingredient innovation, cloud computing and big data technology to speed up the food formulation process

Partners: Acsysteme, Adria Développement, Avril, Hénaff, IINRA BIA, INRA UMR IATE, I2M et MIA, and NOVELIOS. Funding: Regional Council of Brittany, Quimper Bretagne Occidental, the Departmental Council of Finistère, City of Rennes, and the federal applied research fund, Fonds Unique Interministériel.

Future Food: a forward-looking project

Our Future Food programme is dedicated to finding and promoting protein-rich foods derived by means other than by exploiting livestock capitalising on alternative protein sources that offer the full pleasure of food while improving health, ethics and sustainability.

The future Food team is working on staying ahead of this global trend toward a “veggie” ethos while, as always, keeping in mind local tastes. Find out more here.


We are proud of the ethical, sustainable
way we source the raw materials.
We work towards sourcing raw materials
that are good for the planet and help us create high-quality
products that taste great.

Our approach Sourcing 3

Lead by Proactivity

We help our customers remain one step ahead and face the challenges of tomorrow’s food market. We draw on the work of sourcing and research to develop proactive solutions that respond to the latest consumer trends and that address our clients’ challenges.